What Jobless Recovery?

The radical left economist Paul Krugman recently opined that the United States is headed into a jobless recovery despite the three-quarter trillion dollar “stimulus” package that the Obama administration said would keep unemployment below 8%.

According to one report, the “unemployment rate, now 9.7 percent in the United States and 11.9 percent in California, will continue to rise.” But these unemployment statistics only reflect those who are actually collecting unemployment checks. They do not reflect how many people have run out of unemployment benefits and thus fallen off the official radar screen.

Krugman’s prescription, of course, is to have another “stimulus” package.

But I disagree. We don’t need another stimulus package, because the remedy is already to hand. The Canada Free Press informs us that Michelle Obama is a one-woman job creation machine right inside the White House. In less than a year, she has managed to hire at least 200% more personal servants than any other First Lady in the entire history of the American Republic. Currently, the number stands at 26, “including a hair dresser and make-up artist.”

The collective salary of Michele’s personal “staff” apparently costs the American taxpayer $1,750,000.00 per year, plus benefit packages.

Go girl … keep those unemployment figures down!