NYT assigns equal blame to Israel for Arab riots

On Sunday, Oct. 25, Arab rioters, using Al-Aqsa Mosque as their weapons arsenal, hurled a barrage of rocks and a firebomb at Israeli security forces on Temple Mount who were on alert because of an all-out incitement campaign by Israel's domestic Islamist movement and by Hamas which broadcast  false rumors that Jews were about to invade Al-Aqsa.  When the rioters holed up inside Al-Aqsa, Israeli police patiently waited them out.  For their trouble, nine police officers were injured by rocks.  But this is not how the New York Times reported this incident.  Instead, in a dispatch by Jerusalem correspondent Isabel Kershner, the Times distorted the events so as to assign blame to both sides -- the rioters and the police!To wit:Start with the headline:  "Israeli Police Clash With Palestinians at Sacred Compound in Jerusalem."   It's the Israeli cops that spark the disturbances by "clashing" with "Palestinians" -- not...(Read Full Post)