Mitt Romney Votes Present

As reported here by ABC News (online), Mitt Romney "...doesn't plan to make any endorsement at all" regarding the contentious NY23 Congressional race.What does this say about Mitt? When balanced against Sarah Palin's political courage, it seems telling. Sarah is a political alpha, a leader for the future. Mitt, in spite of his genuine conservatism and mastery of issues, is almost certainly not. You have to look no further to see why conservatives are so passionate about their support for Palin. Regardless of the arguable notion that she has yet to fully mature, she commands a degree of respect that eludes all others currently on the conservative scene. The reason? She is unwilling (and perhaps unable) to couch her views in muted, plausibly deniable tones. Regardless of the outcome of NY23, Palin wins. She drives debate. She leads. She is "out there" when and where others fear to tread.Note that Huckabee and Pence remain on the sidelines where NY23 is concerned....(Read Full Post)