ACORN exposer Hannah Giles wants to know 'why?'

Despair not over contemporary youth. Not all are ungrateful selfish wretches unlike us at that age. Well, anyway, how many of us were like Hannah Giles, the 20 year old faux prostitute, half of the team that exposed the failures of ACORN?

And now she's back in a Townhall column wondering why

the Mainstream Media's favorite approach seems to be the method in which James O'Keefe and I orchestrated and gathered the information.

rather than what they found? Among her many examples

• San Diego: Has anyone questioned why ACORN employee Juan Carlos would want to help smuggle girls across the Mexican border right after an ACORN-sponsored immigration parade???
• Philadelphia: Why did the Philly office go into damage control mode as soon as the Baltimore story first broke? What do they have to hide?

She's so young so she doesn't seem to realize that their flashy, creative style of getting a good story was in many cases the story itself. And frankly, the MM were embarrassed that a couple of young things showed up the older, more experienced folks.

And really, the MM didn't want to know about the real ACORN because most of the MM folks, as proven again and again by numerous studies, are liberals; they wanted - no, they believed, in ACORN's mission. Part of her untold story is the expose of the media--their feelings, their biases. Not a pretty picture. Ms. Giles proved that the MM are not what they say they are--reporting just the facts without prejudice--but have an agenda, conscious or not. So how could they probe the questions she asked?

I would hate to be known as the journalist who never saw the bigger picture, lacked the creativity and ambition to approach a story from a fresh perspective, and contributed to the apathy of an entire nation. And I honestly, from the bottom of my heart, think every wannabe and professional journalist has the same attitude.

So why aren't they behaving accordingly? Fear? Comfort? A false sense of purpose?

I don't know about the rest of the press corps but all of the above scenarios scream scandal to me. They'd be worthwhile news.

You're learning Hannah Giles, you're learning.