Marc Rich bio may cause Holder some problems

Does anyone recall the saga of Swiss-based oil trader Marc Rich? He was the billionaire indicted back in 1983 on charges of tax evasion as well as trading with an enemy state (Iran). He was granted a pardon, pushed by then Assistant Attorney General Eric Holder, by Bill Clinton on the last day of his presidency. The pardon elicited much controversy. Denise Rich, ex-wife of Marc, was a very prominent donor to the Democratic Party, the Clintons, and the Bill Clinton Presidential Library. Was there a quid pro quo behind the granting of the pardon? Stranger things have happened. Marc Rich has a book out now and there might be some worry on the horizon for Washington powers-that-be, including Eric Holder, now Barack Obama's US attorney General.Even the liberal Washington Post columnist thought that Eric Holder's role in the controversial pardon disqualified him from serving as the Attorney General. The pardon was arranged by a Jack Quinn, Washington power-broker and a former White House...(Read Full Post)