What you can do to protest the NFL's attitude toward Rush Limbaugh

Thanks to modern technology, those who are upset with the National Football League's hostile attitude towards Rush Limbaugh's attempts to join an investor group to purchase the St. Louis Rams no longer have to suffer--or boycott--in silence.

Newton's law of motion - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction - is applicable to humans also. Reaction has started via newly formed websites, Facebook and MySpace groups; old fashioned phone calls and subscription and series cancellation (yeah, some reactions are harder than others) reaction is also effective.

If you want to take action Molten Thought blog has already started a Facebook group

You asked for it, you got it---the Punt the NFL Facebook Group.

There will probably be others plus websites.

Want to make the National Football League suffer financially? It might make some suffer to do so--you were warned--but

If anyone's looking to cancel their NFL Sunday Ticket, the DirecTV contact information is here:

DirecTV's policy is that once the season starts you will not be refunded. Be firm and polite---they will give you some consideration. They do not want to lose your business simply because Roger Goodell doesn't care about his.

Firm and polite phone calls to the NFL will deliver your point directly.

NFL Offices: 1-212-450-2000
Ask for the comment line.

Oh, and by the way, if you call do ask National Football League Commissioner Mr. Roger Goodell

why---the NFL being as enlightened and race-conscious it is---there is only 1 African-American team owner in a league where 70% of the players are African-American.

Other actions.

I have two official jerseys---I will be following the suggestion to cut them up and sent them to Roger Goodell. After all, for all we know they may have been woven or handled by bigots, right?

The reactions have started; certainly more to come.