What you can do to protest the NFL's attitude toward Rush Limbaugh

Thanks to modern technology, those who are upset with the National Football League's hostile attitude towards Rush Limbaugh's attempts to join an investor group to purchase the St. Louis Rams no longer have to suffer--or boycott--in silence. Newton's law of motion - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction - is applicable to humans also. Reaction has started via newly formed websites, Facebook and MySpace groups; old fashioned phone calls and subscription and series cancellation (yeah, some reactions are harder than others) reaction is also effective. If you want to take action Molten Thought blog has already started a Facebook groupYou asked for it, you got it---the Punt the NFL Facebook Group.There will probably be others plus websites. Want to make the National Football League suffer financially? It might make some suffer to do so--you were warned--butIf anyone's looking to cancel their NFL Sunday Ticket, the DirecTV contact information is...(Read Full Post)