Backlash to Limbaugh smear campaign?

The establishment media in the United States fears Rush Limbaugh more than any other media figure. Liberals who actually start to listen to his show frequently discover that his insights are rewarding, his humor is entertaining, and his combination of common sense and sophisticated analysis is compelling. Ever since his national show began, those who depend on establishment media for their information have been fed the line that he is hateful, racist, crude, and above all, not to be listened to. The ability to persuade those who pay little attention to politics that Limbaugh is anathema to all that is decent and good lies behind the mindless acquiescence of NFL Commissioner Goodell to the smear campaign. Having fabricated two decades of smears, the media have been able to peddle the lies about Limbaugh successfully enough to get him dropped from the group seeking to buy the St. Louis Rams.Fortunately, Rush has the ability to make his voice heard, and he has truth on his side. The...(Read Full Post)