Graph of the Day for October 15, 2009

"I'd prefer the government run a larger deficit... the federal government has to spend more - and the deficit has to be larger - in order to get people back to work."

Robert Reich, former Labor Secretary, August 2009. 

Total Government Spending (Fed, State, Local) in US Since 1900

Source:  US Government Spending (Christopher Chantrill). 

Hoven's Index for October 15, 2009

Total government spending (% GDP) in 2007 for all OECD countries:  40.4%.

France (highest in OECD):  52.4%.

Canada:  39.0%.

Australia:  34.7%.

Switzerland (lowest in Europe):  33.4%.

South Korea (lowest in OECD):  30.7%

Source:  US Statistical Abstract, Table 1315

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