A president of leisure

If there has been any question as to how seriously Barack Obama takes his presidency, the mounting evidence is providing an answer.Last week, we discussed the president's permanent campaign and the fact that in nine months in office, he's attended 22 fundraisers -- Bush only participated in six in his first year in office. While Obama has been raising money for Democratic campaigns, he has left a "gone fishing" sign for the leaderless Democrats in Congress.Today, Politico ran a story that discloses that Obama has already played golf as many times in nine months as Bush did in almost three years, but golf isn't his only game of choice. Various media sources have recently covered the president's basketball games at the White House. We already knew that Obama was a sports fan, but the Baller-in-Chief seems to be more concerned with victory on the greens and hardwood than on the battlefield.We've read about the president and first lady's weekend in Chicago - taken while an...(Read Full Post)