What Part of 'Finance' Doesn't John Kerry Understand?

At the Senate Finance Committee’s hearing today on Senator Max Baucus’ so-called health care reform bill, Democrat Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts went on record against giving the American people a whole three days to read the language of the bill before the Senators on the committee take their final vote.

According to Kerry, the Republican sponsored amendment requiring the committee to put the actual legislative language on the record for three days before voting is just a “delaying tactic.”

The sponsors of the amendment took the position that it would allow the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office the two weeks necessary to come up with a realistic estimate of the cost of the legislation to the American taxpayer, and then give the taxpayers an opportunity to be heard.

There are a great many things one can say about John Kerry’s point of view, but there is one thing that should stand out as plain as black on white no matter what your political orientation: if the cost of the legislation John Kerry is in such a hurry to vote on isn’t known to the Senators on the Finance Committee, why are they pretending to sit on a Finance Committee?