Actor Hugh Jackman to save Africa

The Sydney Morning Herald informs us that entertainer Hugh Jackman is bringing his star appeal to talks at the New York Climate Change Week:

Jackman is an ambassador to World Vision, and has seen firsthand the hardships of people in Africa who are struggling to achieve food security as their climate becomes more unpredictable and hostile.

After the obligatory jokes about being the sexiest man alive and leaving behind the Wolverine claws and mutant powers, Jackman got down to business telling the story of a coffee farmer, Dukalee, whom he had visited in Ethiopia a year ago.

"On this trip it really gelled for me that you can't separate the issues of climate change and poverty," he said.

"They are inextricably linked. Having been to Ethiopia and seen these farmers, seen the battle they face from what is a problem that the developed countries have brought on many of these developing countries, there is a justice, there is a gap we need to fill," he said.

Later, the singing-and-dancing entertainer showed how important he was by posing for photos with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and other warming elites, for carbon-hungry magazines.

Note how we're informed (without evidence) that Africa's climate is becoming "more unpredictable and hostile." Note also how the language changes. Jackman talks about "climate change" as opposed to "global warming" without explanation. Or as Professor Ian Plimer writes in his bestselling book:

Global warmers are uplifted by believing that they have a mission to save the world. Unfortunately, Nature does not appreciate them. For many environmentalists travelling the path of certain salvation, it is ideologically impossible to acknowledge that the planet is dynamic and that past natural changes are far greater than anything measured in modern times. The weather dominates daily life. For the last few decades, global warming has replaced the weather. When we did not fry, climate change replaced global warming. And when the climate stubbornly did not change, the language has been downgraded to carbon pollution, carbon footprint and carbon-free economy. Meanwhile, the planet has been doing what it always does - change.  

Using manmade "climate change" arguments to minimize or excuse poverty-creating dictators in Africa misleads. Why? Because reality teaches us that people living in free-market orientated regions under harsher environmental conditions than African nations are thriving. If climate is the issue, then why is Arizona (for example) wealthier than Mugabe's Zimbabwe?

Take Ethiopia, Angola, and Mozambique. For decades, Red Imperialism (pushed by the west's chattering classes) infected communities across Africa. Or as Yves Santamaria puts it in The Black Book of Communism:

In addition to the 8,850 Soviet advisers to be found all across the African continent, there were 53,900 Cubans and a large contingent of East German specialists in many countries in the middle and late 1980s. 

In the end, though, eco-Marxism starved Africans and still exists today in the form of "entitlement theology" - or the rigid belief that Africa's dictators are entitled to spend millions of foreign aid money without real checks and balances, because of the West's alleged sins. It is a system that asks us to blame a farmer's poverty on a hot spell - not government corruption.  It shuns history.