Actor Hugh Jackman to save Africa

The Sydney Morning Herald informs us that entertainer Hugh Jackman is bringing his star appeal to talks at the New York Climate Change Week: Jackman is an ambassador to World Vision, and has seen firsthand the hardships of people in Africa who are struggling to achieve food security as their climate becomes more unpredictable and hostile.After the obligatory jokes about being the sexiest man alive and leaving behind the Wolverine claws and mutant powers, Jackman got down to business telling the story of a coffee farmer, Dukalee, whom he had visited in Ethiopia a year ago."On this trip it really gelled for me that you can't separate the issues of climate change and poverty," he said."They are inextricably linked. Having been to Ethiopia and seen these farmers, seen the battle they face from what is a problem that the developed countries have brought on many of these developing countries, there is a justice, there is a gap we need to fill," he said.Later,...(Read Full Post)