What if Iran follows Honduras?

Unless you've been living in a cave in Afghanistan, you must be aware that the Obama administration, with the strong backing of our secretary of state, has thrown Honduras under the bus for legally, under their constitution, expelling their now former president, Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales from their country. He was trying to make himself president for life in emulation of his good friend Hugo Chávez in Venezuela, by calling for an illegal referendum. The rest of the story is all over the web if you're interested. Suffice to say, that we are on the wrong side of the issue, and have even gone so far as revoking the visa of Acting President Roberto Micheletti, and the nine members of that nation's Supreme Court. So, the Acting president of an ally of the United States cannot come to this country for the ongoing meeting at the United Nations, but Hugo Chávez will speak at the meeting. This is a scandal.

You also must know of the still ongoing demonstrations against the president of Iran by the Iranian people; it's been ongoing since the uprising caused by the phony election that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claims to have won. The Obama administration seems to have lost its voice, and, if it is doing anything to assist the new revolution, it is doing it extremely covertly. Ahmadinejad, by the way, will also address the United Nations General Assembly at its meeting tonight.

Now a question: Should the Iranian people succeed in ousting Ahmadinejad, would we recognize the new government or be guided by the recent precedent set by our shoddy treatment of Honduras? Just a question.