The Left's new enemy: 'Tenthers'

Some on the left see them as radical and infinitely more dangerous than the birthers.As one leftwing blogger put it, "They are the fringe [among] the Birthers, the Teabaggers, the Tin Hatters, . . . the Racists, the Psychos, and just the plain ignorant."Who are the dastardly people who are now unhinging the left? They are the "Tenthers," those who believe the 10th Amendment -- reserving to the states and the people all powers not delegated to the federal government nor prohibited to the states -- isn't dead letter.America is seeing a reawakening of interest in the Constitution, particularly how it should limit government power. People realize there is some foundational flaw with what's happening in Washington, and are tired of feeling helpless. When the President exceeds his powers, what's to countermand him? When Congress succumbs to special interests, what can people do? When the courts create rights not found in the Constitution, and deny ones that exist, what's...(Read Full Post)