The upside of fear

With all due respect, Mr. Dunn, you seem to be going all pedantic on us rather frequently these days.  You're beginning to come off as a squeamish, nay-saying loyalist trying to assuage the concerns of the Liberty Boys.  Such a pity, really.

There are two kinds of people in this world.  There are those who see the possibility of a storm and prepare for it, while going about the business of living.  And there are those who see their neighbors' preparations, become fixated upon them and spend their time attempting to coax their neighbors into relaxing and having a beer, utterly confident that no such storm can possibly materialize.

At first glance, the first guy may appear overly anxious and even fearful, while the second guy may appear smarter and more brave.

Oh Puh-lease. 

Conservatives, who see the possibility of all-out Obama storm on our own shores are not to be confused with the screaming sky-is-falling ninnies ready to dump the entirety of Western economies onto the ash heap because of some far-fetched global warming hoopla.  Neither are those seeking full scrutiny of all the records of this president to be compared to the lot of those who still refuse to believe -- after millions of dollars spent and thousands of witnesses and experts opined -- that 9/11 was the work of IslamoFascist terrorists and was really an inside job.  Yet, you seem to be seeing such equivalencies with increasing frequency.  Tsk.  Tsk.  I'm beginning to worry about what sort of folks you spend your time with, whether it might be a rather ivory-towered lot far removed from real living.

On the matter of dictators, Sir, you seem to be of a mind that thinks they're easily pigeonholed, come in a single variety and don't ever alter the paradigm.  To me, that seems a bit dimwitted.  After all, if it really were so easy to spot a rising star of the dictator's club, then how on earth would any of them have ever succeeded.

Let's take for example, Fidel Castro.  Castro, of course, does not even come close to fitting your narrow view of a storm-creating type of guy.  Born into a wealthy family, with a law degree and the practiced array of the demagogue's deceptions, Castro was able to pull it off and is still there, is he not.  His own favorite henchman, Che Guevera, was a medical student when his little socialist eyes were opened by seeing real poverty for the first time.

And, let's not forget that those who actually conceived of and carried out Hitler's grand eugenics scheme were the scientists, the doctors and the supremely educated class.  The others were off fighting the war.  At the time Hitler was doing his own dirty deeds in the homeland, progressives on this side of the world were doing much the same, forcefully sterilizing hundreds of thousands of the so-called "unfit."  The only thing that stopped the progressives in our own country was the revelation of the death camps following the war.  Now, just because our own progressives have adopted a eugenics-lite approach to their Social Darwinism doesn't really make them all that less dangerous, if you ask me.  In fact, their little smiley faces make them ultimately much more dangerous.  Whether a gas chamber or a needle, the unwanted person is just as dead. 

Then, let's take all of our own home-grown radicals of the 60's.  Upper crust white kids from lavish backgrounds joined forces with the militant Black Panthers and managed to do quite a lot of damage while they rampaged.  To be sure, they did not succeed then in the communist revolution they had envisioned and planned.  Never mind, they've succeeded in revolutionizing education from K-12 and in revolutionizing the entire Democratic Party -- one half of the power structure in these United States.  Some of those 60s radicals, like Ayers, Dohrn are still working at it.  Jeff Jones, former SDS and Weatherman, a fugitive for 11 years, is now being paid by NYC taxpayers for consulting work.  (
link)  Do you believe these folks have changed their stripes just because the Wall came tumbling down?  That, again, seems quite dimwitted.

Now, I don't go in for wringing-hands-fretting kind of fear, which is the kind General Patton was speaking of.  But, honestly, J.R., hoping for the best is not what many I know would call genuine prescience. 

The people I know saw the Black Panthers with their clubs at the polling place in Philadelphia last year.  They've also noted that all the charges were dropped by their man at Justice.  The people I know are looking wearily at an economy poised at the brink of worse to come, looking at the size of the debt China holds, seeing the demands for a global currency and a global tax and not all that happy with the fact that our dear leader wants to strip our defenses to the bare bones.  The people I know are thinking men and women and they are preparing for a storm. 

We have very accommodating carry laws here in GA and I don't know a single family that is still without guns.  Many of the women I know, myself included, now have personal firearms and are learning how to use them.  Our men, of course, already had theirs.  Everyone I know is preparing for emergency shut downs in food and water, and is stocking up.  We were all boy and girl scouts and we still practice our motto:  Be prepared.

There isn't a single person alive who can accurately predict the future.  Skilled meteorologists can't even predict with 100% accuracy whether or where it will rain tomorrow.  It seems to me and other like-minded folks that the ones who don't at least prepare for the worst are a bunch of nitwits and ninnies.

You don't want to be one of those, now do you J.R.?