Tea Party Diversity

I went to the Tea Party -- or as it was known alternatively, the Taxpayer's Protest Rally -- in Washington, DC on September 12. It was self-evidently an authentic grass roots event, and a rewarding experience.But I was troubled that the large crowd was overwhelmingly white and largely middle aged and above. There were a fair number of blacks, but barely any Asians or Latinos. In addition, most young people were children accompanying parents and grandparents; not too many young adults were in attendance. Now, unlike the bean counters in our government and universities, I am not particularly adept at spotting racial types, but the relative homogeneity of the crowd was unmistakable.I don't see this development as a particularly hopeful sign. The threats to our liberties inherent in the Obama-Pelosi-Reid program, if fulfilled, will prove destructive to all segments of our population. In  theory, the Tea Party movement should appeal to all demographic segments.One possible explanation...(Read Full Post)