Pelosi Plays the Violence Card

A great many Americans -- a majority, according to recent polls -- are just plain fed up with the direction in which the Obama administration, and its liberal-Dem majority supporters in Congress, are trying to shove this nation.

But don't speak up or speak out if you are among them. According to former president Jimmy Carter, that makes you a racist. According to current harridan Nancy Pelosi, that makes you an inciter to violence.

In a pathetic speech today the Speaker of the House, attempting to conjure up ghosts of the Harvey Milk assassination, joined the effort to stifle dissent on Obama's health care and other unpopular programs by implying that those who oppose them are inciting violent acts.

When you have to resort to the race card and the violence card to counter widespread opposition to a political agenda, it's a sure sign of desperation; but the left wingnuts who rule the Democratic Party have neither the sense nor the grace to back off their highly resented efforts to run up enormous public debt, control major industries, and socialize American medicine.