Paglia: Birthers have legitimate questions

As reported by both World Net Daily and the Washington Independent, Camille Paglia appeared on NPR's "On Point," delivering a rather vigorous defense of the so-called "Birthers" in response to a caller's attempt to portray "Where is the birth certificate" signs spotted at the 9/12 D.C. protest as racist. 

From the interview:

"First of all, I reject the idea that the "birther" campaign is motivated by racism. There may be racism among it, but there are legitimate questions about the documentation of Obama's birth certificate. I'm sorry, I've been following this closely from the start. To assume that all those signs about the birth controversy were motivated by racism, that is simply wrong. "

Here is a link to the whole program.  The exchange quoted occurs about 35 min into the program: 

Camille Paglia is about as far away from being a "right-wing nut job" as a person could possibly get.  A long-time leftist feminist icon, Paglia is a professor of humanities and media studies at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and columnist.