President Jimmy Carter's Cabinet

Since former President Jimmy Carter has established himself as the arbiter of race-based motives, perhaps we should examine his Cabinet members for racial inclusiveness.

In his four years as President, Carter had 20 Cabinet members: Cyrus Vance; Edmund Muskie; W. Michael Blumenthal; G. William Miller; Harold Brown; Griffin Bell; Benjamin Civiletti; Cecil Andrus; Robert Bergland; Juanita Kreps; Philip Klutznick; Joseph Califano; F. Ray Marshall; Patricia Harris; Shirley Hufsedler; Moon Landrieu; Brock Adams; Neil Goldschmidt; James Schlesinger; and Charles Duncan.

A check of their photographs indicates the following racial/gender distribution:

Whites: 19, of which 18 were males, and 1 female

Blacks (persons-of-color, including African-Americans): 1 African-American female

No African-American male ever served in a Jimmy Carter Cabinet. 

How about that.