Jaw Dropping Arrogance From Obscure Congressman

It is not just the career safe seat members of Congress and the Senate who are vulnerable to getting caught up in the arrogance and elitism of power.  Relative back bencher Baron Hill from Indiana's 9th District might well have surged into the lead in the contest to see which member of congress had the most out of touch and arrogant attitude during the town hall meetings.

You have to watch this video to believe it. It starts right after he has announced that there will be no videos allowed and goes into question and answer.  The first question is from a school student trying to fulfill a class assignment.   

It is only 1:11 in length.  

Some highlights:

"This is my town hall meeting -- and I set the rules."

"Let me repeat that one more time -- this is MY town hall meeting (snip) and you're not gonna tell me how to run my congressional office..."
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