Birds of a Feather

Back in March, President Obama was so perturbed when a New York Times reporter asked him if he were a socialist that he felt the need to make a follow up call after the interview concluded.

Now the Times needs to call him back.

If the president were so concerned with being labeled a socialist, it probably wouldn't be prudent to appoint individuals with socialist backgrounds to serve in his administration, as in the latest and newest czar, Ron Bloom.

At first glance it seems rather odd that Bloom, a former high-level SEIU official, would be appointed to a position that would require him to create manufacturing jobs, but further review of his background provides more clarity as to why he's ascended to the position of Manufacturing Czar.

JTA reports:

By now Ron Bloom's professional road to becoming the Obama administration's car czar has been widely reported. Missing from the coverage, however, has been any mention of those formative years at Jewish summer camp. Born in New York City and raised in Swarthmore, a suburb of Philadelphia, much of Bloom's early life revolved around Habonim (now known as Habonim Dror), a progressive Labor Zionist youth movement that emphasizes cultural Judaism, socialism and social justice. (emphasis mine)

Perhaps the early years of your life were spent at on the fields of Little League, band camp, the typical activities that many of us participate in as we are growing up. Now envision little Ron at Camp Socialism, and today all grown up and in an unconfirmed high-level position in the White House. I'm sure there will be much more to be said about Bloom, but thus far he looks like the typical liberal hypocrite. So concerned with social justice, he's a graduate of Harvard Business school and spent the early part of his professional career as an investment banker. From George Soros, the Sandlers, and Peter Lewis on down, serious leftists exclude themselves from the ranks of capitalist exploiters because they work for radical left ends.

As for the president, how many more of these individuals does he have to align himself with before we open our eyes? These czars are people that he wanted to work with who could have never made it through the public scrutiny of a Senate confirmation process and their backgrounds are only indicative of what he truly believes.

Ultimately, those beliefs will knock down the wall that hide who he truly is.

The call back to the Times wasn't to assuage any concerns, if anything, "that socialist question" struck a nerve.
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