Media supplies the outrage for Obama

I was overseas in Asia at the time of the release of the Lockerbie Bomber. BBC and CNN International periodically replayed a 7 second clip of President Obama walking away from an outdoor press conference of 21 August, where he had earlier spoken about the Afghan Elections. As he walked away, Bill Plante of CBS called out "What about the hero's welcome in Libya, Sir?", to which the President responded over his shoulder as he continued to walk away, "I think it was highly objectionable."

BBC and CNN International continued running that clip  throughout the day, yet always introduced it by saying, "President Obama harshly criticized the release...", then running the clip. Here is the exchange just at the beginning of this extended video clip at 8 seconds in. Since I never saw any harsh criticism whatever in the "Highly Objectionable" clip above, I assumed there had to have been other public comments the President had made back home that constituted "harsh criticism."  Googling, I came upon multiple instances of the major MSM outlets, such as CNN, Reuters, etc describing Obama's reaction to the release of the Lockerbie Bomber as  disgruntled, vents his fury, furious, angry, slammed, condemning, outraged, disgusted, desperately appeals, etc.

That sealed it for me, and I thought no more about it, until the recent AT Post by Clarice Feldman, wherein British Officials revealed that President Obama was completely advised all along  the way about the Lockerbie Release process. This startled me, so I went back to dig up the statements of outrage which the MSM had described Obama as expressing.

I could only find this single 40 second clip, Below I've posted  the transcript, but please give it a listen and see if you can detect the slightest hint of anger, surprise or outrage being expressed by our President:

"We have been in contact with The Scottish Government indicating that we objected to this and we thought it was a mistake. We're now in contact with the Libyan Government and want to make sure that if in fact this transfer has taken place that he's not welcomed back in some way, but instead should be under house arrest. We've also obviously been in contact with the families of the Pan Am victims and indicated to them that we don't think this was appropriate."

That's it. Nothing else. This 40 second clip, and a single "Highly Objectionable" over the shoulder comment upon being asked about the Hero's Welcome in Libya. If there are other comments by the President out there, I sure can't find them, 

Obviously I'm biased, but if these are all the comments that President has made publicly, I fail to see any anger, surprise, outrage whatever. It's certainly not evident in his words or demeanor when he's speaking them. So how does the MSM wind up telling the  world that Obama is disgruntled, furious, angry, condemnatory, outraged, etc. What are they seeing that I am not? Or instead, are they dishonestly providing the adjectives themselves because they know an angry America expects and needs to hear them from its President, who quite possibly doesn't share those same angry feelings about this release because, as the Brits are now telling us, he was thoroughly briefed on the release of the Lockerbie terrorist from the git-go, and did nothing of consequence to oppose it?. "Highly Objectionable" if you ask me.