How WaPo slants its coverage of West Bank issues

Yesterday, the Washington Post runs a lengthy article by Jerusalem correspondent Howard Schneider about the West Bank Jewish town of Ariel as emblematic of conflicting U.S., Israeli and Palestinian agendas in dealing with the Mideast peace process ("In Towns Like Ariel, Many Competing Visions Collide" page A8).Several points made by Schneider provide welcome context for the backlash in Israel against U.S. pressures for a total construction freeze in Jewish communities in the West Bank.Both in the headline and a couple of times in the article, Ariel -- with a population of nearly 20,000 -- is accurately described as a modern "town" that presumably has outgrown the much used -- and abused -- "settlement" cliche.Schneider also provides useful background when he points out that, in terms of achieving a two-state solution, Israel "may be willing to give up large parts" of the West Bank, that "Israel has shown...(Read Full Post)