BREAKING: Ayatollah calls for overthrow of Tehran regime tomorrow.

In an extraordinary development, MEMRI reports that Ayatollah Montazeri,  who has been a major critic of the Khomeinist regime, in effect called for a mass uprising to begin tomorrow, Qods Day, when mass demonstrations are  put on by the regime. The question is whether Montazeri's call for other clerics to preach against the regime tomorrow will bring out gigantic protest crowds.   The regime cannot stop the annual Qods Day demonstrations without losing face. According to MEMRI's translation from Persian,"In his message, Ayatollah Montazeri came out against the regime, which he said had shed the blood of  innocent civilians while committing human rights violations. Throughout history, he wrote, Iran's senior clerics had come out against the injustices and oppression of tyrannical regimes in Iran, and took pride in always standing up against them and defending the law and the rights of the people.  ...Montazeri called on the clerics to declare out...(Read Full Post)