One Million Patriots

There were one million patriots packed into the area between the Washington Monument and the U.S.Capitol in Washington, D.C. on 9/12, and all David Axelrod could say was, “They’re wrong.”  Denial is a powerful thing.  There is only one way I have ever found to break the hold of denial -- keep speaking the truth.

We all came armed with the truth.  The people I encountered at the march were the most civil, passionate, and solicitous crowd I have ever seen on such a large scale.  There was no thuggery, trash talk or trash, pushing or shoving; just a one million strong contingent fighting to restore our Constitutional freedoms.

It appears Axelrod doesn’t understand the concept that for each person who shows up to a protest like this one, there are likely hundreds more back home who agree, but were just too busy with their families and homes to make the trip.  To say the least, the American citizens who attended Saturday’s rally and march represent millions more.  That tells me, “We’re right!”

Ann Kane

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