A bad idea is still a bad idea

The Left's latest diversion from the truth is the ‘trigger' hurdle for implementation of a government run health care option -- and it does not take much thinking to understand that this would be a rigged game.  Instead of taking what the American people have been saying over the past six weeks - that we do not want the government to take over healthcare in the United States; that we want real tort reform; the ability to purchase healthcare insurance across state lines; and the ability for small business to associate and purchase healthcare insurance as a single entity - the Democrats in Congress and the White House are taking the position that all they have to do is wait until they can force a trigger that would be completely under their control and then impose their flawed plan on the country.Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats who may see this as a cloak under which to hide and call it compromise, should not allow themselves to be spirited away from what most Americans...(Read Full Post)