Do Angry Mobs Bake and Bring Brownies?

Since Aug. 28th in Sacramento, Calif., I have been traveling across America performing on the Tea Party Express tour. Patriots are attending by the thousands, families, grandparents and kids. Everyone extremely enthusiastic, grateful and concerned for their country.

The liberal media is calling them extremists, racists, ignorant and an angry mob. I am the only black performer on the team and the affection from the attendees has been overwhelming. Black conservative authors Selena and William Owens are traveling with us as speakers. Kenneth Gladney, the black conservative beaten by SEIU thugs is touring with us also telling his story. The American people have embraced us with huge loving open arms of brotherhood. If you love America, as the song says, "We Are Family."

One stop was particularly moving. After a rally with thousands, we were headed to our next rally. A whistle stop was schedule because a few folks really wanted to say hello. We were running late and decided to cancel the whistle stop. Then we got the call. "You must stop. There are a lot of people here." The state police guided our bus into a crowd of 500 to 800 people along side the highway.

They cheered and treated us like rock stars. They showered us with hugs, food, homemade cookies, brownies and gifts. Nothing expensive, but overflowing with their love. We used the bed of a pick up truck as a stage and spoke through a bull horn. We said the Pledge of Allegiance and sang "God Bless America". Many in the crowd were sobbing.

When our team got back on the bus, our emotions were high. We have gotten rave reviews and affection at every rally. But this whistle stop did not have a sound system or great speeches. These people were extremely grateful that we were traveling across America to Washington DC as their voice. We felt humbled and blessed to be their representatives and a part of American history.

These folks are not racists, nor are they an angry mob. They are hard working decent American people who love their country and do not want it changed into something unrecognizable. Angry mobs do not bake and bring brownies.

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