What's missing in the end of life counseling

Taken out of the classroom/off the bureaucrat's desk, this is just the step down the slippery slope of government defining what is and what isn't a worthwhile life.It's very different to ask me "end of life" questions when I'm 65 and in reasonably good health as opposed to when I'm 85, in a nursing home, confined to bed and in manageable pain. Let's add a few more questions to the list of choices. Would I like to see my spouse again?would I like to see my children again?Would I like to see my grandchildren again?Would any of them like to see me again?How about a beautiful spring or fall day?What about that crab louie that I brought to my mother a  every day that I visited her when she was confined to a nursing home. The look on her face didn't fit with the Do Not Resuscitate order that had to be signed every six months. Her eyes spoke of happiness and love, not what do you think, is today the day? This entire debate over...(Read Full Post)