Liberal Fascism is not a book anymore

The fog is clearing, and the Progressive path is becoming clearer.

At his Liberal Fascism blog, author Jonah Goldberg starkly recapitulates the progress of the State under Obama:

Let's see. Off the top of my head, in the first six months of Obama's presidency we've seen corporatism and "state capitalism" run amok, in the government takeover of two car companies and numerous banks. Labor unions have become increasingly indistinguishable from the government and the party that controls it. Herbert Croly and the Progressives have once again been rehabilitated as founding fathers of the New Age. The entire liberal intellectual class is convinced that this the time for a new New Deal. Critics of statism are vilified by liberal elites as racists and fascists. (And those who refuse to get with the Gorian program are guilty of "treason against the planet"). When out of power, liberals lionized free speech and celebrated dissent as the highest form of patriotism. Now, they label dissent "un-American" and the president insists he doesn't want to hear a lot of talking from anyone who disagrees with him. While the stench of eugenics and euthanasia do not quite sting the nostrils yet, the odor is detectable and the liberal impulse for controlling the lives of others has been re-exposed.

The ideal of human liberty reached its zenith in only one country on earth:  the United States of America.  The American principle that each person is a free individual, not a part of a family, tribe, or state, is unique even among Western democracies.  Individual liberty has made us the most dynamic, inventive and powerful nation on the planet.

The people of whom the Constitution and Lincoln spoke are free men, with a revolutionary vision of the nature of humanity.  Only Americans have ever known it. We must not let that perish from the earth.
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