Obama's national security policy missteps may doom Greg Craig

As Ed Lasky has written numerous times, President Obama has sought to bring the foreign policy and national security decision making apparatus directly into the White House by empowering National Security Council head  James Jones to bypass the State Department, and leaning heavily on Rahm Emanuel and White House counsel Greg Craig for advice.How's that working for ya, Barry?Obama was skewered for policy on closing Gitmo as well as what to do with the detainees. What was once thought to be a political plus for the president has turned into a disaster.Someone's got to take the blame. In this case, according to a story in the Wall Street Journal by Evan Perez, it appears that Craig is going down:Mr. Craig, the top lawyer at the White House and a close aide to President Barack Obama, has helped lead the administration's efforts on several national-security issues that once enjoyed popularity but have since become become political liabilities for Mr. Obama. These include the...(Read Full Post)