Homegrown, Made in the USA Jihad

Terrorist exposer extraordinaire,  Steve Emerson of The Investigative Project, who consistently jars us out of our complacency by bringing to light the twisted terrorist fangs embracing seemingly benign organizations and normal individuals, has done it again. 

The arrest last week of the Boyds, a white, middle class family in North Carolina on charges of supporting terrorism both here and abroad--the latest in a series of just regular Americans--he argues in a report on his organization's web site and in an article  at The Daily Beast    

showed how the problem of homegrown Islamic terrorism is far more rampant than the media or the public is aware of.


The Boyd case in North Carolina proves that radical Islamic ideology transcends economic class problems as has been claimed by pointy-headed sociologists. The Boyd family was white, had a middle-class existence, and had the economic opportunities afforded all Americans-just like most of the terrorists cited above-and yet chose to engage in jihad to the point that Daniel Boyd was willing to send his two kids on suicide missions to Israel.


In the end, the mainstream media refuses to recognize that the "mainstream" Islamic groups are actually radical organizations that teach and imbue their followers with a hatred of the United States and Israel. These groups front as civil-rights groups, but in fact are radical Islamic groups whose constant message disseminated to the millions of Muslim followers is that the U.S. is an evil country engaged in a war against Islam. Once that message takes hold-and after all, these groups control the mosques, the Islamic newspapers, the Islamic schools, and the Islamic leadership from which American Muslims and converts get their ideas about the world-it is not a huge leap for some of them to become committed to violent jihad.

As a result of all this, he firmly states

We have a major problem on our hands that no one is addressing, especially the Obama administration. After all, the Obama administration won't even use the term "radical Islam." If we cannot name our enemy, how in God's name are we supposed to defeat the enemy?

And if we don't address the problem then, Emerson suggests, we will become more like Europe where homegrown Islamic terrorist plots get stopped - or sometimes not - all the time.

Emerson is not blaming all Muslims for this situation, not even all the Muslims in the U.S.  But the non terrorist Muslims must be in the vanguard to stop the downward spiral.

And it is up to all of the citizens of the U.S. to admit that yes, there is a problem of Muslim terrorism right here in our country and to call it by its proper name.  That is just the beginning. 

hat tip: Wendy L. Wagner