NYT perfumes Fatah's belligerent political convention

In its Aug. 11 edition, the New York Times runs an article by Jerusalem correspondent Isabel Kershner that falls far short of conveying the complete, hard-eged, anti-Israel, belligerent tone and positions of delegates at the "moderate" Fatah party convention in Bethlehem ("Fatah Turns to Nation Building, Though It Doesn't Discard the Rifle" page A8).Kershner quotes high up in her story Israel's "hawkish" foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, as declaring that the Fatah convention, because of its "radical and uncompromising positions," effectively buried any possibility of a peace deal in the coming years.  She also reports that the Israeli government views the convention as an "almost unmitigated disaster."But reading her article, one is left wondering why top Israeli officials would take such a dour view.  Evidently, they have a better grasp of what really took place at the convention that Kershner...(Read Full Post)