Obama likens slave embarkation point to Holocaust

I wish President Obama would stop drawing faulty parallels between the Holocaust and other painful events -- recent and past.  Intentionally or not, this derogates the special meaning of the Holocaust as a unique chapter in human history.During his Cairo speech "to the Muslim world" in June, he likened the Palestinians' ''pain of dislocation" to the 6 million Jews murdered under Hitler's Final Solution.Yesterday (July11) he similarly misused the Holocaust in an emotional visit to Ghana's Cape Coast Castle -- the "portal of no return" for slaves on their way to America. The president said it was "reminiscent" of his recent trip to the German concentration camp of Buchenwald "as it reminds us of the capacity of human beings to commit great evil." (see attachment).Well, to a very limited extent, yes, since both Buchenwald and the Cape Coast Castle indeed are "evil" placesBut basically no, because the two places...(Read Full Post)