Thomas Friedman and the 'Grasshopper Generation'

It is fascinating for Tom Friedman, New York Times columnist, to disparage his own generation as "the grasshopper generation, eating through just about everything like hungry locusts." The preachy Mr. Friedman might want to start at home.Not only his wife an heiress of the Bucksbaum family which took out hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars over the years from the publicly-held corporation they founded (General growth Properties) before it was thrown into bankruptcy due to sky high debt levels, but Friedman and his family live in  baronial splendor in an "palatial 11,400 square foot house...on a 7 ½ acre parcel just blocks from..Bethesda Country Club".  From a neighbor of his: I lived within shouting distance of Friedman. Take a look at the carbon footprint this guy leaves. He lives on about seven acres -- it was once the home site of a prominent Washington attorney...The house sits on a hill with a great view and a western exposure....(Read Full Post)