Arab ethnic cleansing

As Peggy Shapiro noted, Obama--and others--are perfectly content to demand the uprooting and removal of over 200,000 Israeli/Jewish citizens from towns and cities, (ie, ethnic cleansing), that Arabs want for their "Palestinian" state as a beginning for peace. 

No mention is made, no uproar over  this Judenrein demand although it is another example of  Arab apartheid and racism.   However imagine the shrieks if Israel made the same demand.  Israeli cartoonist Ya'akov Kirschen graphically illustrates.  
Yes folks, most Arab nations ban Jews from living in their countries;  from "moderate" Jordan to "radical" Saudi Arabia, while others place severe personal and religious restrictions on the few remaining Jews. 

In contrast, over 20% of Israel's population is Arab, who are free to practice various forms of Islam or Christianity.  But not a peep of protest about the former comes from the mouths or internet sites of the human "rights" crew while shouts of apartheid instantly roar from the anti Israel crowd when Israel takes preventive measures if Israeli Arabs commit terrorism.

Who is racist then?