Global-warming: Another religion of peace?

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is soft on the other "religion of peace," global-warming. June 16, 2009: The Age Newspaper, Melbourne, Australia reports: Victoria is considering tougher laws to crack down on eco-terrorist attacks on power stations after a threat to a Melbourne power company executive by an extremist US group.The FBI has described the group as America's top domestic terrorist threat.The hardline  hand-delivered a menacing letter to the eastern suburbs home of Graeme York, head of the Hazelwood power plant in Gippsland.In it, the group told Mr York he was responsible for the dirtiest power station in Australia, and the most polluting in the industrialised world."We hold you personally accountable for this assault against our Earth," the letter said. "We do not take lightly to the perpetual destruction of our land-base for the selfish and short-term objective of fattening your bank account.[snip]  The Earth Liberation Front...(Read Full Post)