ABC You Later

With their decision to broadcast a primetime special that will highlight the Democrats' relentless pursuit towards government-run health care and exclude the views of those whom oppose their effort, ABC has signaled they no longer believe in the concept of press independence and the public's right to choose.

Once upon a time the press wasn't simply an advocate for a particular brand of politics, it was their responsibility to be a watchdog of our government and report the facts and subsequently the general public could weigh those facts and form some sort of opinion.

In the Age of Obama, that idea is as foreign as the Votian language.

Today, our established media not only decide what should be constituted as news but also determine what news is factual.

Surely in an hour presentation with only the Left espousing their views on the mandate for healthcare reform, we can't possibly get much factual information. If you're one that bets, wager that we'll hear the same talking points about how somehow healthcare has to do with the current recession, how many uninsured individuals there are in this country, how we can somehow increase the number of those that are insured, but magically maintain quality of care, and the other usual points that are made to appeal to the general public's feelings and not rational thought.

But hey, after all, Democrats are the only individuals with any good ideas, so why should we squander time and listen to anyone else's nonsensical viewpoint anyway?

Come on, ignorance is bliss. If you place plugs in your ears and yell "la la la", then maybe you can't hear the Congressional Budget Office tell you that even if the government spends $1 trillion, there would still be 30-35 million uninsured individuals in this country.

The less factual information you possess, the more nescient you can be.

So that's the plan, believe in the ideological fantasy that is socialized medicine, and don't let anyone stop you, not another nation that has tried this nonsense and warned us of its shortcomings, the Republicans, or any other media source that is trying to present an alternative opinion and provide factual information, including us here at the American Thinker.

Whatever it costs, whoever it hurts, who cares, we can swing it--remember there's no ‘I' in team.

The Obama Administration has confidently showed an unfettered propensity to browbeat and silence their opposition, from bondholders of auto companies who wanted their day in court to lobbyists who oppose the allotment of stimulus funds to government employees just doing their jobs to leaders of allied nations who just want to look out for their nation's best interests.  So we shouldn't be surprised that they would like to engage in a "healthy" national debate on healthcare reform without including much of the nation's perspective.

But does ABC care how this looks?

Do they believe their actions are without consequences?

By allowing the President of the United States to use their network from the White House to progress an agenda to takeover 17% of the nation's economy via the health sector, to do so unopposed and consequently force the public to absorb limited and biased information used to support that agenda, they can no longer differentiate themselves from state-run television in Cuba, Jake Tapper on the payroll notwithstanding.

Are we still in America?

Somehow we've managed to leave the country standing right where we are.

I guess I can only feign surprise this isn't being televised on NBC.
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