Sanitizing a Palestinian harangue at the pope

Suppose that Israel's chief rabbi, at an interfaith meeting in Jerusalem with Pope Benedict XVI, had launched a vicious tirade against all Palestinians, accusing them of murdering women and children and dismissing their legtimate political aspirations.  Suppose further that this outburst came from someone who wasn't even scheduled to speak, who had a history of calling for the death of all Arabs, but managed to force his way to the microphone to harangue the pope.  And suppose that a clearly embarrassed pope, dismayed by such intolerant behavior, then walked out once the toxic Hebrew words were translated for him.Would the Washington Post bury this singularly unscheduled incident during the first day of the pope's visit to Israel?  Wouldn't it have played that as the lead or very close to it?Of course, it would have.But as it turns out, this is exactly what happened on May 11, except that the fanatical interloper was not Israel's chief rabbit but his...(Read Full Post)