Hunting for the Government Goodwrench Office

I’d like a new pickup truck and the GM models look nice. So I went hunting for the government office that will stand behind warranties, just in case.So I searched for the government office I’d contact if GM didn’t do all I thought it should to honor the warranty on any new truck I might buy.  I believe in contingency planning.  I looked for a phone number for the Federal Warranty Guarantee Service. None. How about a Department of Government Motors Vehicle Warranties (DGMVW) on the internet? Nope. When you don’t know what animal you’re hunting, you go to the zoo and scan the options. I printed out a healthy list of agencies from the Federal Citizen Information Center on-line. A few looked promising.I called the National Technical Information Service. I know the workers who repair vehicles in dealerships are often called “technicians.”  The nice person at the NTIS told me they only sell scientific documents to the public. Strike...(Read Full Post)