Dems Failure to Fast Track Cap-And-Trade a Terrific Omen

Yesterday, a genuine bi-partisan coalition (twenty-six Democrats and forty-one Republicans) denied cap-and-trade legislation a filibuster-and-amendment-proof path through the Senate.  The move effectively prevents overzealous legislators the likes of Boxer and Waxman from turning their paranoid green dreams of citizen-control into law by circumventing Senate procedures.

And while I probably wouldn’t have your eyes on loan if you thought that anything less than good news – it’s actually nothing short of tremendous news. 

You see, as recently as Tuesday it appeared the climate-hysterics might succeed in attaching their dreadful stealth national sales tax scheme to the budget resolution by employing a sneaky little trick called the reconciliation process.  But yesterday’s passage of an amendment put forth by freshman Senator Mike Johanns (R-Neb) forces the green ideologues to muster 60 votes instead of a simple majority to pass their inane plan.  And, given yesterday’s clear message sent via vote by Democrats from home-states most overwhelmed by the financial disintegration this legislation would assure, such, thankfully, won’t be an easy task.

After all, did over two dozen Democrats suddenly have a moment of group clarity and grasp the madness of raising every American’s energy costs by thousands of dollars annually in a futile and meaningless attempt to diminish atmospheric levels of CO2?  Have the decade-long cessation of warming, or the almost daily news of yet another climate expert concurring that the minuscule levels of this trace gas mankind might influence has no bearing on climate whatsoever, finally sunk in?  Were the trickle-down consequences of an abrupt $2 Trillion expense to industry and utility companies debated more clearly yesterday than they had been hitherto?

Not likely.  Smart money would instead be on a lack of cohesion within the Congressional Green Caucus.  And why not?  The latest Gallup Poll reports that 41% of Americans consider global warming an exaggeration.  And a January Rasmussen poll found 44% percent believing that "long-term planetary trends are the cause of global warming.”  So one must wonder -- what percentage of Senate and House Democrats remain true believers as opposed to those dutifully following party orthodoxy?  And just how far will they be willing to stick their necks out to abide those tenets?

The numbers would appear to favor the sane.

Last year’s Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act of 2008 was tabled without finding even a simple majority, let alone the required 60 votes.  And 7 of the 48 Senators voting aye were Republicans.  4 of those 7 (Dole, Smith, Sununu and Warner) are gone.  Of the three power-RINOs (PRs), Specter abstained while only Collins and Snowe did what Collins and Snowe typically do. 

Furthermore, the 650 page draft of the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 [PDF], which actually trumps both Obama’s proposals and Lieberman-Warner in its draconian progress penalization, has virtually no GOP support.  None.  Not even among the three PRs.

But even should all three be once again tempted by some earmarked snake, the Dems must limit the number of their ranks shuffling across the aisle to one, and that’s not likely.  4 Senate Democrats voted against Lieberman-Warner last year. And 26 risked the wild wrath of Barbara “There Will Be Flood” Boxer -- who desperately attempted to block the Johanns amendment with one of her own – yesterday to assure the appropriate 60% vote condition. And one -- Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu -- was even wise enough to do both.

Word has it Boxer flipped out after the vote.  And who can blame her?  Her baby is drowning in the cooling, stable-leveled Sea the locals call Reality.

Indeed, the Senate eco-maniacs appear to be losing their grip -- in more ways than one.  And after their cap-and-trade con-job officially nose-dives this year, it may well be headed to the dustbin of dreadful ideas it belongs in for the foreseeable future.  And the serene sanity of that decision, in turn, may just bridle our emissaries at the Battle of Copenhagen come December.

As I said, yesterday’s vote was tremendous news.