Dems Failure to Fast Track Cap-And-Trade a Terrific Omen

Yesterday, a genuine bi-partisan coalition (twenty-six Democrats and forty-one Republicans) denied cap-and-trade legislation a filibuster-and-amendment-proof path through the Senate.  The move effectively prevents overzealous legislators the likes of Boxer and Waxman from turning their paranoid green dreams of citizen-control into law by circumventing Senate procedures.And while I probably wouldn’t have your eyes on loan if you thought that anything less than good news – it’s actually nothing short of tremendous news.  You see, as recently as Tuesday it appeared the climate-hysterics might succeed in attaching their dreadful stealth national sales tax scheme to the budget resolution by employing a sneaky little trick called the reconciliation process.  But yesterday’s passage of an amendment put forth by freshman Senator Mike Johanns (R-Neb) forces the green ideologues to muster 60 votes instead of a simple majority to pass their inane...(Read Full Post)