Hollywood talk: views you probably haven't heard

It's refreshing when writers, producers, web designers, actors, documentarians and directors bypass the thought police, make politically incorrect statements, and support Americans first.  From the Cold War to the War on Terror, patriotic (and even flag-curious) artists deserve our applause: One: "I say make every damn Communist stand up and be counted. They're a danger and a disgrace to the industry!" - Sam Wood Two: "Believe it or not, I supported Richard Nixon on the issue of presidential privilege. How could anyone conceive of being the president of the United States and think that every single thing that you say or do can become a part of the public record? It just seems so stupid to me. A man needs a private life." - Jack Nicholson Three: "I love discourse. I'm dying to have my mind changed. I'm probably the only liberal who read Treason, by Ann Coulter. I want to know, you understand? I like listening to everybody. This to me is the elixir of...(Read Full Post)