The best and brightest?

Neill Cavuto interviews Alan Grayson, 8th District, FL, about the prosed bill controlling pay and benefits for those corporations receiving govenment money. Note that the video is 8 minutes long.

In checking the good congressman's biography I see that he is a graduate of both Harvard undergraduate school and Harvard Law School. So is Barney Frnak. So is Chuck Schumer. So, too, as to Harvard Law School, is Obama. If congressman Grayson's IQ was sufficient to get him into Harvard it certainly wasn't evident in this interview and it certainly doesnt speak well of Harvard or its graduates.

I wonder how many other congressmen who are graduates of Harvard and other Ivy League there are?

I would suggest to you that Obama was correct about one thing during the campaign -- we need change. I would suggest that change begin with getting rid of all legislators with Ivy League degrees.