Richard Holbrooke's Terrible , Horrible, Miserable No Good Week

Richard Holbrooke, Obama's Special Envoy is coming in for criticism from all sides. First Mickey Kaus observed that Holbroke was in the middle of the AIG and subprime messes  Obama's special envoy Richard Holbrooke served on A.I.G.'s board when the company a) went "over a cliff," and b) approved the now-controversial bonuses. But he'll survive. It's not like he also got special loan deals from Countrywide as a "Friend of Angelo." .... Oh, wait! ... I don't want to know where Holbrooke was when Enron was going down. ... P.S.: Will the White House now have to force three perfectly well-qualified assistant secretaries to withdraw for triviial resume blemishes in order to make up for keeping Holbrooke on? ...  [Can we say this is "strike three" if you count each Countrywide loan separately?--ed If you count each Countrywide loan separately it's strike six.] 4:33 A.M.Then, today the International Herald Tribune reported that...(Read Full Post)