Chavez Describes Obama as an 'Ignoramus'

Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president/dictator, called our President “a poor ignoramus.”

Reuters reports:

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez said today his US counterpart Barack Obama was at best an "ignoramus" for saying the socialist leader exported terrorism and obstructed progress in Latin America.

"He goes and accuses me of exporting terrorism: the least I can say is that he's a poor ignoramus; he should read and study a little to understand reality," said Mr. Chavez.

"My, what ignorance; the real obstacle to development in Latin America has been the empire that you today preside over," said Mr Chavez, who is a fierce critic of US foreign policy.

Apparently Obama really does have one critic (or one communist dictator pretending to be a critic).

Now if only some leader of the Republican Party would point out Obama’s lack of erudition when it comes to handling the bloated federal budget, deficit spending, and the continuous string of trillion dollar pork barrel bailouts.

I would love to hear someone, anyone, in the GOP say, “The least I can say is that he's a poor ignoramus; Obama should read and study the historic failure of Keynesian economics a little to understand reality.”

Hat tip: John McMahon