Obama and his Jewish supporters

The Jewish electorate supported Barack Obama by a wide margin, greater than the population as a whole - giving him 78% of their vote, as opposed to 53% from the general population. Partly this was due to the leading role Jews have played in helping the African-American population, a Democrat-leaning cohort, and concern over the economy given the decline in the stock market and the economy as the campaign came to a close. Jews trusted that Obama would help America recover and, incidentally, support the America-Israel relationship.How is that support now working out? Obama is wavering in his support for the America-Israel relationship; how are those assurances on the domestic front playing out?Jews are older on average than the rest of the American population. They also probably have a higher rate of home ownership. Because of a history of employment discrimination, they also have a higher rate of ownership of small businesses. Likewise, they probably have a greater percentage of...(Read Full Post)