Blagojevich gets book deal worth at least 1/4 Senate seat

Rod Blagojevich’s publicist announced that the former Illinois Governor has signed a six-figure book deal—making Blago's cut worth anywhere between a quarter and a full senate seat.

Strap on your helmet hair, because things are about to get rough:

Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich is vowing to expose "the dark side of politics that he witnessed in both the state and national level" in a book due out later this year, his publicist announced Monday.

The publicist, Glenn Selig, said Blagojevich signed the "six-figure book deal" with Phoenix Books, run by "maverick publisher" Michael Viner. The Governor is the working title.

"The Governor"? For a book on crooked Illinois politics, the title should be something like "Daley Affirmations" or "101 Uses for a Dead Voter." 

By the way, I wonder if the book on tape version can be ordered directly from the FBI?