Go Japan Go!

The Japanese have threatened to shoot down the North Korean “satellite” if the “boosters” for the “satellite” come anywhere near Japan.Most analysts think that North Korea is launching a Taepodong-2 ballistic missile -- not a satellite. But if you can’t trust Kim Jong-il -- who can you trust?The Guardian is reporting:Japan today threatened to shoot down a satellite that North Korea plans to launch early next month if it shows any signs of striking its territory.Tokyo's warning that it would deploy its multibillion-dollar missile defence system raised tensions in the region after North Korea said that it had identified a potential "danger area" near Japanese territory along the rocket's flight path.Officials in Tokyo said they reserved the right to destroy any threatening object in mid-flight, despite North Korean warnings that it would consider such a move an act of war. "Under our law, we can intercept any object if it is...(Read Full Post)