Madoff & Stanford Give Big to Democrats

In case you were wondering, take a trip to  and search on Bernard Madoff as a contributor.  My search says he gave $183,250 over all election cycles, with a cool $100,000 going to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign since 2005 and most of the rest going to individual Democrats.

The usual suspects such as Chuck Schumer, Charlie Rangel, Chris Dodd and Hillary Clinton show up, as well as Ron Wyden, Ed Markey, Frank Lautenberg and other Democrats.  Yes, a few Republicans show up, too.

I also looked up that other rip-off artist, R. Allen Stanford.  He gave $855,177 by my search.  A cool $500,000 of that went to DSCC/Non-Federal Unicorp Association (Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee).  I also count another $55,000 going to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign, with Chuck Schumer and Chris Dodd again showing up as individuals.  Yes, Stanford also gave to Republicans, perhaps as much as 10% of that $855,177.

hat tip: Free Republic